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Lets Start a Band!

With all the necessary equipment provided and set up.  Create between 2 and 5 four piece bands.  

Organise your students into teams (bands) allocate the instruments, choose your song, learn your part, play, perform and Rock the School!

Achieve rock stardom with your class in one day.  Teachers participation is not compulsory ( but it should be!

Drum Yourself Fit with a high intensity dance & drumming experience. Combining physical education and music from around the world.   

The high fun level, zero intimidation factor and low co-ordination requirement might fool you into thinking DrumFIT isn’t challenging. That would be be a mistake.   The creativity, flexibility and fun built into our classes will kickstart your aerobic levels in a heartbeat, no matter what your fitness level.

And you’ll love it when it happens.

This is call & response on a whole new level!

Jump back in Time with a multi curricular full class project combining the elements of physical exercise, with musicianship and co-ordination.

Based on the international Double Dutch/long rope skipping team sport that was prominent in America in the 1980’s and is still popular today in Northern European countries.

The aim is for each member of the team to enter the moving rope perform their movements for a set time whilst also singing their team song.

Pulse, rhythm, and timing are key to your team completing the task and scoring high with the judges!

This project is focused on team building, and requires co-operation, to complete the musical and physical skills.

Join the band this Christmas!  

Sing along, playalong, step into the christmas shoes of some of the band members when you play the tambourine intro to Shakin Stevens Merry Christmas Everyone.  Jingle your bells all the way through Sleigh Ride, and howl 'It's Chritsmas with Noddy Holder and Slade.

Sack fulls of Christmas fun to be had for all the classes with inflatable instruments, hand held jingle bells and loads of presents and prizes to be won.

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